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  1. Material Support & Namatay Sa Ingay @ 924 Gilman

    July 27, 2016 by admin

    A couple weeks ago I was visiting my friend up in San Francisco, and happened to catch that my old Brooklyn Tech bud Jackie was playing with her Filipino punk band in Berkeley! Her band Material Support was participating in Aklasan Fest 3. Also her other bandmates were in Namatay Sa Ingay who closed out the evening. Really glad I caught the show, always good to see friends killing it!

    Material Support:

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    Document NameAL-T000Closer_8





    Namatay Sa Ingay:


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  2. Robert Rex Waller, Jr. @ Pappy + Harriet’s

    July 20, 2016 by admin

    Over July 4th weekend I booked it over to Joshua Tree to catch my college professor Waller play at Pappy & Harriet’s (a legendary venue out in Pioneertown). These photos hardly do the evening justice. I can’t get the band’s cover of Waterloo Sunset out of my head! Also Waller & his violinist Nora have set me down the infinite path of Nina Simone for the summer, so for that I am extra thankful.

    Hope you all enjoy the photos!

    Robert Rex Waller, Jr.:

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    Document NameAL-T000Closer_25

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  3. Robert Rex Waller Jr. @ TAIX

    May 16, 2016 by admin

    Couple weeks back I got to catch my old college professor Rob Waller kill it at TAIX French Restaurant. He just released a solo album titled “Fancy Free” which was Kickstarter funded and is totally amazing!

    Here are some photos of Robert Rex Waller Jr. playing with Big Memphis Hair. I also got some photos of Oso My Brain, who were super rad as the opener!

    Robert Rex Waller Jr:

    Waller 7

    Waller 5

    Waller 6

    Waller 2

    Waller 1

    Waller Experiment

    Oso My Brain:

    Oso My Brain 1

    Oso My Brain 3

    Oso My Brain 4

    Oso My Brain 2

    Oso My Brain 5

  4. Avalanche Part II

    March 11, 2016 by admin

    In January I collaborated with my friend Rina Gluckman on a fashion/dance video. Rina directed the project, got the awesome Andrea Murillo to dance for the piece, and had Daniel Yankiever shoot the project. I had an awesome time working with Rina and editing the video together. I used two music tracks from by Mica Levi from Under The Skin (My favorite score of 2015).

    Hope you enjoy the video!

    Avalanche Part II from Rina Gluckman on Vimeo.

  5. Solitary Friends @ Cafe NELA

    March 9, 2016 by admin

    A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of catching my friend’s husband’s band Solitary Friends! They were really rad and played at a cool spot in Highland Park called Cafe NELA.

    Hope you guys enjoy the photos!

    Solitary Friends:

    Solitary Friends 10

    Solitary Friends 2

    Solitary Friends 4

    Solitary Friends 3

    Solitary Friends 1

    Solitary Friends 6

    Solitary Friends 7

  6. Bootleg Theater: Round 2

    February 3, 2016 by admin

    So last Tuesday I had the privilege of seeing Brooklyn based PWR BTTM in Los Angeles…especially sweet for me cause I couldn’t even get into their packed show at Silent Barn in 2015. Post-Life (Super Rad) and Upset (Killing it as always) opened for PWR BTTM. I was super happy to see Upset play again. I saw them play for a slightly more crazy crowd at Shea Stadium last year.

    Hope you all enjoy the photos!


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    Document NameAL-T000Closer_2

    Document NameAL-T000Closer_6

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    Post Life:

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  7. Bootleg Theater!

    January 26, 2016 by admin

    So i’ve been living in Los Angeles for nearly 4 months (wow time flies!) and I hadn’t taken photos of any shows yet…until now!

    I went to Bootleg Theater a few weeks back to catch Terry Malts play, and ended up seeing a bunch of great bands. Shark Toys, Sea Lions, and Rearranged Face we’re all awesome! Also really dug Bootleg Theater in general and def plan on attending more shows there!

    Hope you enjoy the photos!

    Terry Malts:







    Shark Toys:






    Sea Lions:






    Rearranged Face:






  8. Bernie Sanders Benefit Show!

    January 3, 2016 by admin

    Happy 2016 folks!

    Well I’ve had a totally crazy year…one day you are doing typing work at homeless shelters all over New York and the next day you are working on a movie in Los Angeles. Guess you never know what life will bring!

    So about 5 days before I left for Los Angeles I went to an incredible Bernie Sanders Punk Benefit show at Shea Stadium and had an incredible time. The line up was incredible Nonsense, Nine of Swords, Mannequin Pussy, and Guerilla Toss all killed it! This was my first time testing out my digital camera, all other photos on this site have been though the kindness of awesome friends lending me their cameras!

    Hope you enjoy the photos…also LET’S GO BERNIE!


    Nonsense 3

    Nonsense 2

    Nonsense 5

    Nonsense 4

    Nonsense 1

    Nine of Swords:

    NOS 3

    NOS 2

    NOS 5

    NOS 4

    NOS 1

    Mannequin Pussy:

    MP 3

    MP 1

    MP 2

    MP 4

    MP 5

    Guerilla Toss:

    GT 4

    GT 1

    GT 5

    GT 7

    GT 2

    GT 8

    GT 3

    GT 6

  9. Stolen Jars @ Arlene’s Grocery

    November 10, 2015 by admin

    Wow, I am actually getting close to catching up on my concert photos…and I really really need to catch up soon cause I might have some exciting Los Angeles news on the horizon!

    So at the end of September my friend Rick invited me to see Stolen Jars @ Arlene’s Grocery! I was pretty excited cause Rick had played me some of their music before, and I hadn’t been to Arlene’s in eternity.

    The show was awesome, and I really dug the band! In fact last month when I was missing NYC during CMJ, I ran across this NPR article that included Stolen Jars in their “Top 10 discoveries from CMJ” That list also includes Weaves & Todd Slant who are two bands that are also worth checking out!

    Hope you all enjoy the photos!

    Stolen Jars:

    IMG_1167 copy

    IMG_1269 copy

    IMG_1029 copy

    IMG_1007 copy

    IMG_1230 copy

    IMG_0945 copy

    IMG_1102 copy

    Bonus messing with effects photo:

    Stolen Jars Effect

  10. Union Pool Photos!

    October 24, 2015 by admin

    So far too long ago I took these photos of Feces, Rathaus, and Law$uits at Union Pool. In the meantime I sort of packed up 1/2 my life and moved to LA for an extended stay/job. I am way behind on posting photos, but hope to catch up super soon.

    Anyway this was a fun night, and the music was super super sick.

    Also..the night may or may not have ended with reminiscing (won’t go into positively or negatively) on what it was like to grow up with Limp Biskit being a popular band.

    Enjoy the photos!



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    Document NameAL-T000Closer_3


    Document NameAL-T000Closer_1

    Document NameAL-T000Closer_5

    Document NameAL-T000Closer_2



    Document NameAL-T000Closer_9



    Document NameAL-T000Closer_7


    Document NameAL-T000Closer_6