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April, 2012

  1. ZINE!!!

    April 19, 2012 by admin

    So I printed my Zine!!! I used Brooklyn Zine Fest as the inspiration/motivation to finally print my zine. I was really happy with how it turned out and even had the confidence to exchange my zine with some cool people! It might even be on display at Desert Island in Williamsburg!!!!!! Perhaps I will show you guys some of the cool zines I bought in my next post, but for now enjoy Max Berger’s Untitled #1 Zine!

    (The Second Page will always have a Magic the Gathering playing card, a Pokemon play card, or Star Wars playing card attached to it)


    Well I hope you guys enjoy! I am hoping to make a second Zine this summer. I think the next one is going to include more writing! Hopefully sprinkle in some articles on all the the shows i am hoping to make it to this summer!

  2. New Art Work

    April 12, 2012 by admin

    So I hit that instant blogging quick sand that seems to exist in the internet universe. Anyway I have seen a whole bunch of cool things recently. Things that I will attempt to discuss in a future blog post. For now I figured I could give you all a little glimpse of some drawings that I have been working on recently. Yay for drawings!!!

    I have been watching a ton of Daria recently. Side note: Daria is one of the greatest animated television shows ever created. Anyway I thought it was really interesting that a lot of the characters eyes on Daria are done with just a line for the eye brow and a dot underneath for the eye. So I have been trying that out with a couple of my latest drawings, and have been pleasantly surprised with the results. YOU’RE STANDING ON MY NECK!

    I figured I would give you guys the option to enlarge these bottom three photos. This first one was just a sketch I did while talking on the phone the other day. The second is currently an ongoing project I am doing with my desk at home. Hopefully I will cover the entire top piece within the next couple months. The last drawing is of a larger scale drawing that I am doing for the fun of it. I didn’t want to show the whole piece, but I am very happy with my wreaking havoc robot.

    That is all for now. I am putting together an editing reel for myself, so look for that in the next couple days! I am also planning on attending Brooklyn Zine Fest this weekend, which means that I have to finally stop putting off the printing of my Zine!