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March, 2013

  1. New IPHONE drawings

    March 27, 2013 by admin

    More Iphone drawings!!! All of these were done on Art Studio Pro on my Iphone.
    I am working on another series that I will release early next month. Till then enjoy!!!

  2. New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013!!!

    March 15, 2013 by admin

    I have been working for Fashion Dilettante, an amazing fashion blog since Fall 2012. I am primarily the lead editor on the website, however last fall I got the supreme privilege of attending a bunch of New York Fashion Shows for the Spring Summer 2013 season. Here are some of my photographs from the following shows: Jeremy Scott, Libertine, Katie Gallagher, Chris Benz, The Blonds, and Erin Fetherston! Enjoy the photos!!!

    I have also done a general update to my photography section. You can now find my fashion photos here, as well as photos I took last winter of Hurricane Sandy Volunteer Day at The Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center.

  3. Growing to accept the unstoppable Miami Heat

    March 11, 2013 by admin

    I am a huge fan of Basketball. Growing up during the 90’s I got to watch a very special golden era of the sport. I still remember watching the Knicks lose against the Houston Rockets in the finals, I remember going to the Basketball show at the Javits Center and putting my tiny 8 year old foot in the imprint of Shaq’s feet, and most of all I remember year in and year out the complete and total domination of the Chicago Bulls. Every year I would root for some team to stand in their way, and always watched 3 teams in the east fall, before an epic showdown in the west where The Bulls always stood on top. Utah Jazz almost did it, but they kept running into moments like this:

    I was thinking about writing this post since last week, but now that Miami has toppled Indiana for its 18th win I want to chime in on the every daunting conversation of how unstoppable the Miami Heat truly are. Since I am not a sports writer, and don’t need to be chastised by over the top comments, I am not afraid to compare this Miami Heat team to another basketball team that once won 18 games in a row, the infamous non-stop locomotive 1995-1996 72 win season Chicago Bulls. Granted the Miami Heat are not going to win 72 games this season, but as Marc Stein mentions in his weekly power rankings of the last 8 teams to hit 18 game winning streaks only 3 have gone on to lose the finals.

    Now I am going to avoid making this post about LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan. I have a nostalgia factor that comes into play that puts Michael Jordan as the best player in the universe. I also watched Michael Jordan act like the complete and total god of the basketball universe more times then I have seen James do that. Now with that said, Michael Jordan won MVP for 1995-1996 season and averaged slightly better points per game than LeBron James (30.2 vs. 26.7) however LeBron James has been putting up numbers overall that go above and beyond anyone who played professional basketball in the 1990’s. He is averaging 8.1 rebounds and 7.1 Assists per game (both higher than MJ on the bulls) and puts LeBron James at being a constant Triple-Double threat (he already has 35 in his career and MJ only has 28 in his entire career!)

    I do stand behind the ring debate to a certain extent I don’t think LeBron has to win 6 to be on the list of Greatest Players of All Time, and I think it is fair for LeBron to feel that wining championships is more circumstance based. Although I still think winning an NBA championship was just as hard in the 90’s as it is now, so there is no reason that Miami can’t continue on its current war path.

    Taking the playoffs out of the conversation for a moment, I think a big way that we think about players is based on the dominance level of their teams. Earlier this season I thought Miami was kind of phoning this season in. They didn’t seem particularly aggressive in their games and for the most part it looked as if they were going to put in the least effort possible to try to finish first in the East. However, the last 2 months have quickly erased that mindset, and now Miami are on a mission that I think any great sports team (regardless of the sport) should strive for, complete and total domination! Teams in the west should be fearing the Heat, watching video tapes now, preparing now, setting defensive schemes now (I am looking at you Gregg Popovich!), because they are a force to be reckon with. When a team starts to showcase themselves in the way Miami has been playing it creates a sense of fear, turmoil, and dread for whoever has to face them, regardless if it is a regular season game or a playoff series.

    Today Boston’s Paul Pierce said he wants to play the Heat in the playoffs and called the Celtics “that team nobody wants to play” Yet, this is almost an ironic statement about Celtics (currently poised to finish 6th in the East), since the Miami Heat are definitively the team nobody wants to play. I was watching the New York Knicks come close to shutting down Miami only a couple weeks ago, and all it took was one quarter of the Heat turning the notch up for the game to quickly turn in their favor. Last night, the Indiana Pacers who had also won 2 previous match-ups against Miami were sent to the slaughter house. And so it goes.

    In the 1990’s the Eastern Conference endured a 6 year storm created by the Chicago Bulls (could of possibly been 8 if it was not for MJ playing baseball) and I am saying now, that storm is officially back. LeBron James is playing the season of his career, shooting almost 60% from the field in the last couple months.


    Not only that but he has a supporting cast that on paper is both comparable and possibly more dangerous than Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, and Toni Kuko─Ź. Dwayne Wade (on my fantasy basketball team this year) and Chris Bosh are both having excellent shooting seasons. You also have a bunch of dangerous 3 point shooters (that’s not including the big three) who they can constantly kick the ball out to (Ray Allen, Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier, Rashard Lewis) all of whom are shooting 40% from the 3 point line (Mike Miller not far behind shooting 37% from 3 point range).

    ESPN released this 5-on-5 article about the state of the Miami Heat. Their 4th question on the list was: Fill-in the blank: The Heat are the best team since ___________. None of the writers went as far as to mention the Chicago Bulls. One writer did mention the Kobe/Shaq era. Trust me, if the Heat win the finals this year, and set themselves up for a possible 3-peat next year, we are going to start hearing this comparison all the time.

    However, do not fear! While it was painful for us Basketball fans not living in Chicago to watch the complete and total dominance of the Bulls, it didn’t make it any less fun to root for the underdogs (aka the rest of the teams in the league!) to beat them. If your someone who took any pleasure at all in watching Dallas beat the heat just 2 years ago, then I have good news for you, we have a basket full of opportunities in the next few years to see if this Miami Heat team can be beat. I know that I will be crossing my fingers, hoping that perhaps a Spurs or Thunder will be able to stand in the way, I am just starting to feel like as far this year goes, its looking less and less likely. I will leave you with this annoying picture of Sponge Bob:

    I want to punch this face so bad!



  4. The Pastel Series!!!

    March 1, 2013 by admin

    Last year my friend Genji met this random book seller on MacDougal Street. Some how I got convinced to go up to this man’s apartment which was loaded with all kinds of books. He was smoking a pipe, drinking a PBR, and kept trying to sell me fancy $40.00 art books but I wasn’t really biting. However I found an awesome set of Japanese Pastels which he sold to me for 2 bucks. Best 2 bucks ever spent!

    Oh and for those who were curious I won the Academy Award contest at Mark Bar! Grand Prize: $21.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!