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November, 2015

  1. Stolen Jars @ Arlene’s Grocery

    November 10, 2015 by admin

    Wow, I am actually getting close to catching up on my concert photos…and I really really need to catch up soon cause I might have some exciting Los Angeles news on the horizon!

    So at the end of September my friend Rick invited me to see Stolen Jars @ Arlene’s Grocery! I was pretty excited cause Rick had played me some of their music before, and I hadn’t been to Arlene’s in eternity.

    The show was awesome, and I really dug the band! In fact last month when I was missing NYC during CMJ, I ran across this NPR article that included Stolen Jars in their “Top 10 discoveries from CMJ” That list also includes Weaves & Todd Slant who are two bands that are also worth checking out!

    Hope you all enjoy the photos!

    Stolen Jars:

    IMG_1167 copy

    IMG_1269 copy

    IMG_1029 copy

    IMG_1007 copy

    IMG_1230 copy

    IMG_0945 copy

    IMG_1102 copy

    Bonus messing with effects photo:

    Stolen Jars Effect